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Local activities

Roset Panorama – A paradise for activities!

In the area around the cabins there are wonderful conditions for many activities. Below you find some of the activities you can do a short distance away from Roset Panorama:


In the area around the cabins there are nice places for bathing. You can take a swim in the Nordfjord, or in one of the many small lakes in the mountain area above the cabins. If you like better to bath inside, there is a indoor swimmingpool in the center of Stryn, called Stryn Symjehall. See more pictures here.


A short walk from our cabins you find a lake called ”Ulvedalsdemmene”. This lake is good for fishing and canoetours. Here do we have a canoe wich you can borrow for 50 NOK. See more pictures here.


There are many opportunities for fishing in the local area. The Nordfjord offers fjordfishing. “Ulvedalsdemmene” (a lake just a short walk from the cabins) is offering fishing of small trouts. There are also many small mountain-lakes in the area above our cabins wich also are good for fishing. See more pictures here.


Stryn is a nice area for climbers. Most famous climbing range is called "Beachen" which is approximately 25 min from the cabins.

Via Ferrata Loen and Loen Skylift

25 km from the cabins it is possible to walk Via Ferrata. This one takes you to the mountain Hoven. There is a café with the possibility of buying dinner or coffee. Equipment can be rented at Loen Active. There is also a gondola that takes you to the top. More info here: Loen Skylift.


The local area have a lot of nice and popular mountains and smaller trips. Mountains like “Bergsetnakkjen” (1133 mas.), Glittereggja (1297 mas.) and Blåeggja (1049 mas.) have wonderful panorama view over Nordfjord and you can reach all of them by start walking from our cabins. The area also has many summer mountain farms, which are easy walks for families. Many of the routs are drawn on a map of the area wich you find in the cabins for your use during the stay at Roset Panorama. See more pictures here.

Summer mountain farm

Our farm has its own summer mountain farm. Here did we use to milk our cows during the summer until 50 years ago. The house is about 130 years old. See more pictures here.


The local area has good conditions for a lot of winteractivities. Here are many skicenters wich offers wonderful skiconditions with many different tracks. These skicenter you can find more information about further below on this page. Here are also many slidehills and ofte ice for skating on “Ulvedalsdemmene”. See more pictures here.

Art and culture in the local area:

Cultural trail at Ulvedal

A few kilometers from Roset Panorama there is a cultural trail. This takes you through lovely scenery to many interesting attractions. It is a circular trail of roughly 2.5 km that passes through sparse woodland with a moderate uphill climb. It takes in many of Ulvedal’s cultural history attractions. In summer, a guide will accompany groups and tell them about the history of some of the attractions. Click here for more information.

The art gallery "Ad Fontes"

At Fjelli, 5 kilometers away from our cabins, you’ll find the art gallery “Ad Fontes”. Here do you find beautiful oil paintings, watercolour paintings and illustrations. Many motive is from the the nature nearby Roset Panorama. Read more and see more paintings on "Ad Fontes"-homepage.

The art gallery "Åsekråna"

At Fjelli there is also another art gallery, called ”Åsekråna”. Here you can find beautiful oil paintings on slate flags or linen in different sizes and shapes. The gallery is located in a 100 years old outhouse on the farm. There you can bay a cup espresso or tea while you watch at the paintings. Read more and see more paintings on "Åsekråna"-homepage..

Skicenters in the local area:

Nordfjord Speartimecenter

”Nordjford Speartimecenter” is the closest of the local skicenters. Here are many ski tracks for cross country skiing, ski lift and jumping hills from K5 to K90. 3 kilometers flood-lit ski track. One of track here is ending just about 50 meters away from our cabin “Runebu”. This track is 3 kilometers long. For more information click here.


”Ullsheim” is located about 17 kilometers away from Roset Panorama. This is one of the best skicenters for biathlon and cross country skiing in Norway! 5 kilometers flood-lit ski track. 4,5 kilometer rollerski track for summer training.

Stryn Winterskicenter

Stryn Winterskisenter is located on Bøanedsetra in Stryn, 4 km from the town centre. There are two ski- lifts that can take you from 325 mas. to almost 1000 mas. For more information click here.

For more information about activities in Nordfjord visit the official travel guide to Nordfjord:


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