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Day trips

Roset Panorama – A fantastic starting point for day trips!

With Roset Panorama as point of departure you can experience everything of nature and culture worth seeing in the region. Below you can find a selection of short and a bit longer day trips from the cabins:


Geiranger is the jewel in the crown of the fjords of Norway. With its majestic, snow-covered mountain tops, wild and beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation and the deep blue fjord, it is just like a fairy tale. Take a fjord sightseeing trip and experience it all. Or take the roads that twist and turn up through one hairpin bend after another to Dalsnibba. For more information click here.

Skarstein Fjordcruise “Isabella

Fishing trips or boat trips on the fishing smack "Isabella" on the Nordfjord. The trip lasts for 2-3 hours. Departure from the marina in Olden. Fishing equipment is included. For more information click here.

Briksdal glacier

The huge Briksdal Glacier forms part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park. The wild glacier slope plunges from a height of 1200 metres down to the lush, narrow Briksdalen valley - a sight that attract 300,000 visitors from all over the world each year. The glacier is located in Oldedalen. For more information click here.

Old Strynfjell Mountain Road

This national tourist route, built in 1894, winds its way over the mountains between Stryn and Skjåk. The gravel road was long the only east-west connection. Roadside signs tell you about the landscape, geology and nature. For more information click here.

Stryn Summer Ski Center

What about a skiing holiday in the middle of summer? Towering mountains and Nordic climate makes skiing possible almost all year. Stryn Summer Ski Centre is the most renowned summer ski resort in northern Europe, with excellent conditions. The center is located on the Old Strynfjell Mountain Road. For more information click here.

Lodal Valley

Lodal valley and Kjenndal Glacier should not be missed. Beautiful scenery and a dramatic history make Lodal valley a place quite out of the ordinary. For more information click here.

Sigdestad Farm

The Sigdestad Farm lies 314 m above sea level on the northern side of Strynevatnet. The path from Glomnes to Sigdestad is step, and before 1723 they had to use a stepladder to reach the farm. All goods which had to be transported to and from the farm, had to be carried on one`s back, up and down the steep path. For more information click here.

West Cape

West Cape is situated 496 m.a.s., and is one of the most spectacular view points on the coast of Norway. West Cape/‹‹Kjerringa›› is a precipitous rocky plateau, almost flat on top, that drops steeply down to the sea. In good weather you have panoramic view in all directions. For more information click here.

Kannesteinen Rock

Over thousands of years, ocean waves have ground the rock to the special shape it has today. You find it in the village of Oppedal, approx. 10 km west of the centre of Måløy. For more information click here.

Mt. Skåla

The summit of Mt. Skåla in Loen towers 1,848 metres above sea level. In 1891, a round tower that sleeps 22 was built on the summit. It has always been a popular mountain destination. Mt. Skåla is reckoned to be Norway's highest mountain with its "foot in the sea". Magnificent and breathtaking view. It is possible to spend the night in the tower. Skaala Uphill - Northern Europe's toughest mountain race takes place every year in mid August. For more information click here.

National Park Center

At the Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre in Oppstryn you can learn about the glacier and the landscape that was shaped by water and ice through films, videos, computer programs and models. You can also sign up for glacier walks at the centre. Geological park. Unique wild flower garden! For more information click here.

Tvinnefossen Waterfall

At Randabygda you will find the Tvinnefoss waterfall. Here you can walk behind the waterfall and see through the cascading waters. The waterfall is located about 15 kilometers from Roset Panorama. For more information click here.


From the viewpoint there you can enjoy wonderful views of the Nordfjord and the hamlets of Randabygda and Hopland. The viewpoint at Nos is at the edge of a 500-metre vertical cliff that plunges straight down into the fjord. Here you get a good impression of how steep the terrain is in the hamlets of Hopland and Randabygda. The viewpoint is near the main road and is easily accessible. For more information click here.

Sunnmøre Alps

About 50 min drive you can find the Sunnmøre Alps. Slogen, Skårasalen and Kolåstinden are some of the wellknown peaks.

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